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Proving Your Truck Was Not At Fault For An Accident

If you are a truck driver and you were involved in a collision involving another vehicle while on a highway, you will most likely want to clear your name of any wrongdoing in the matter. If you are found to be guilty for having the incident occur, you would be responsible for reimbursement of medical expenses or damage to the other vehicle. Fighting allegations can help prove your innocence. Here are some steps you can use to help prove you are not at fault for an accident involving your truck.

Get Medical Help

Call an ambulance after the accident occurs to have yourself checked for any health issues. This may help prove how the truck was impacted if you have injures you had sustained from the accident. If you wait to get assistance, the injuries may not be as prominent to give a clear picture of how the accident had occurred. Make sure the other driver is not severely injured as well.

Get Photo Evidence

Immediately after the accident occurs, as you are waiting for medial assistance, take photographs of the area if possible. If you do not have a cell phone with a camera or if you are not able to take pictures because of an injury, ask any witnesses to help you by snapping a few still shots of the road, the damage to your truck and the other vehicle, and yourself if you are injured. This information will come handy in court and your lawyer may be able to find something in this evidence to help clear you of wrongdoing.

Look For Surveillance

Find out if there were any surveillance cameras along the highway where the incident had occurred. Often webcams are set up to track traffic patterns and to show road conditions to other motorists before they hit the road. If there was one nearby, there may be footage showing the other driver is the one at fault for driving erratically or irresponsibly. This information would need to be obtained through the highway department in the town where the incident occurred.

Gather Witnesses

Often, other people will have seen something pertaining to an accident if they were nearby when it had occurred. It is a good idea to reach out to any potential witnesses so they can speak on your behalf if the incident goes to a court session for resolution. If you can remember the names of other trucking company's vehicles you had seen on the road the day of the accident, call to see if you can obtain the names of the drivers who may have been in the area of the accident. One of them may have seen something pertinent to the case and you would be able to use them as a reliable witness with trucking ties of their own. Reach out via CB radio to see if any other truckers had seen anything as well.