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3 Tips For Detecting Nursing Home Abuse

If you have a loved one that is getting care from a nursing home, you will want to take the time to monitor this individual on a routine basis. You may have heard some of the horror stories about abuse going on in a facility of this type. Of course, this isn't something you want to witness, but it's always a good idea to keep an eye on an elderly individual you care about in a nursing home. Knowing specific tips that will help you find any potential abuse can be ideal in this situation.

Tip #1: Look for physical abuse

One of the more common types of ill-treatment is physical abuse when it comes to nursing home care. The good news for you is this type of abuse is typically one of the easiest to spot.

When you visit your friend or family member in the nursing facility be sure to look for these things listed below:

  • Bruises – If your loved one has been mishandled in any way, there may be some bruising that shows up on the skin.
  • Broken bones – More severe physical abuse can result in broken or fractured bones.
  • Scratches – Look for any cuts or scratches on your loved one because these could be a sign that this person attempted to fight back.

Tip #2: Consider financial abuse

The caregiver at most nursing home facilities may be in charge of checking and opening the mail for all the patients. Many of the people there may not have efficient vision to read bank statements so the individuals caring for them may do this.

Unfortunately, this can lead to financial abuse in some cases. You may see the warning signs of this when money starts to decrease in either the checking or savings account of your loved one. Other tell-tale signs include deeds of a property being altered to benefit the caregiver.

Tip #3: Watch out for sexual abuse

The last thing you will want to think about is the possibility of sexual abuse occurring to a person you love. However, there have been instances where this has been reported. Be sure to monitor the behavior of your loved one and look for any types of physical withdrawal from others. Additionally, if you see any difficulty in walking, trouble sitting or bloody undergarments, you should investigate this immediately.

Taking the time to monitor your loved one while in a nursing home facility is crucial for spotting abuse. Be sure to rely on a personal injury attorney like those found at Goebel Law Office if you do find any things going on in a nursing facility that may require legal action.