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Being Sued For The Mishandling Of Auto Accident Claims? How Your Auto Accident Attorney Can Help

Most auto accident attorneys handle cases involving a party that was injured in an accident that is suing the other driver(s). However, because they have a solid knowledge and understanding of law surrounding car accidents and insurance, they can also handle cases for the insurance companies when the insurance companies are being sued. That said, if you, personally, are being sued by a claimant for the mishandling of his/her claim and you know you handled the claim exactly as your company would expect, then you may want to hire your own auto accident attorney to countersue them. Here is how your attorney can help.

Establishing a Timeline and a Counter-Defense

Your position is such that you represent your employer, the insurance company, and your job is on the line. You have to have a counter-defense when a claimant sues you and claims that you unfairly denied his/her claim or did not handle it the way it was expected to be handled. The first thing your lawyer will want to do is establish a timeline that shows your very first interaction to your very last. This should include any recordings of phone calls and any emails regarding the claimant's filing for benefits, if your employer will allow you to use them in court. Then you can show that you started a claim for the claimant on a specific date and time and show exactly what steps you took to file it and/or resolve the issues, according to company policy.

Arguing That You Acted Professionally 

If you behaved in the utmost professional manner, that will be reflected in all of the documentation. That is important to your case, especially when your lawyer is attempting to show that you followed the company guidelines by the book and did everything you were supposed to do with regards to the claimant's accident and accident claim. When all of the correct forms for the claimant's accident claim are filled out correctly and shared with the judge, as well as a copy of company guidelines with the correct procedural passages highlighted, then the judge will be able to see that you did not mishandle the case. It is still possible that while you may win your case in court, the judge could still make a ruling on a separate and related case for the claimant to receive monetary compensation from your employer for the accident, but that should not reflect on your position with your employer. 

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