preparing yourself for an injury lawsuit

Why Have Class Action Lawsuits?

When many people have been harmed by the same thing, class action lawsuits allow the filing of a single case to cover many victims. This type of lawsuit is differs in several ways from a single lawsuit, and there are several benefits to the victims. You should understand that you cannot be compelled to participate in a class action suit if you have been harmed – you can file on your own as long as you do not agree to be part of the class. This way of dealing with harm done can be far more efficient than many single suits, so read on to learn more about class action lawsuits.

Are You in the Class?

The full group of people who have been harmed (or who may have been harmed) comprise the class. When you are notified of a pending lawsuit, you will find detailed information about what makes up the class in question in a particular suit. These classes are often limited to certain actions against certain people during a certain period of time. For example, a class might apply to all people who were in communication with a certain telemarketer calling about a cruise vacation between the dates of January 1, 2016, through December 31, 2017.

If the suit applies to you and you wish to participate, you must follow the instructions provided. In some cases, you need do nothing, and in other cases, you must respond to the letter or email. It should be mentioned that once you agree to be part of the class, you are also agreeing to accept the settlement that is eventually rendered, regardless of the outcome.

Why Group Cases in a Single Filing?

Class action suits are litigated under a single filing and that allows the case to proceed through the court system far faster than thousands of single cases. The legal process, the paperwork, the legal representatives, and more can be kept to a minimum number, and thus a class action suit avoids overcrowding the court calendars across the country.

Sending a Class Action Message

Class action lawsuits are not just more efficient at getting victims their money damages faster, they can also have far-reaching effects on the wrongdoers. The publicity generated by a large class action suit may force a manufacturer, for example, to make changes in the way they produce something even before the suit gets settled. The huge and well-publicized suits also work to send a message to others who might allow harm to come to users of products or services that they could be sued as well.

To learn more about class action lawsuits, speak to an experienced injury lawyer