preparing yourself for an injury lawsuit

2 Mistakes To Avoid That May Adversely Affect Your Workers' Compensation Claim

After being injured on the job, you may have already filed a workers' compensation claim and have taken off work to recover. However, there is more to getting your claim approved than simply filing and waiting. You also need to make sure that you do not make certain mistakes during the waiting period that could adversely affect your chances of having your claim and suit approved.

1.  Posting Certain Pictures and Comments on Social Media

One mistake that you need to avoid making is posting certain pictures and comments on social media. While you may use the platforms to express your feelings and stay connected to friends and family, you should not use it as a sounding board to talk badly about your employer.

You should also be careful about posting pictures that show you in a healthy light or commenting on how much better you are feeling on a certain day. Even though you may only be saying that you feel better compared to how you have been feeling, these comments could be used against you out of context.

Your employer's attorney may be able to access these posts and use them against you. If you must express yourself, either do it through direct messages to trusted friends and family members or find another way to communicate without making your feelings and activities public. You can also ask your attorney for more guidance on what you can and cannot do.

2.  Participating in Activities That Are Contraindicated for Your Injury Diagnosis

Even if you refrain from posting your activities on social media, you should be careful about participating in them at all. While the grass may need mowing or you need to get groceries and lift the bags yourself, if these activities are contraindicated for your injury, doing these simple actions could be used against you.

Especially if you were seriously injured and are filing for a rather large lawsuit, your employer's lawyer may have a private investigator following you to take pictures of you. If they catch you in any actions that make you seem as though you are not as hurt as you claimed, these pictures could adversely impact your chances.

Even on days when you feel halfway decent, you still need to be careful about what you do or say since once slip up could give your employer a reason to fight your claim. For more information about what you should do after filing a claim, speak with a workers' compensation attorney who can guide and represent you throughout the entire process.