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Don't Assume Anything After A Vehicle Accident

Things can get confusing after an accident. When another driver crashes into you and you are hurt, you may know you are owed money but are not sure how much or how to get paid. Unfortunately, the confusion many victims feel after an accident can lead to making mistakes based on one or more of the below false assumptions.

No one was at fault – Accidents can be caused by a variety of issues, but shared fault is rare. In some states, if you do share fault with the other driver, you may end up getting nothing beyond what your own insurer will pay for medical bills and your wrecked vehicle. It's extremely important that you not assume anything about fault in the accident. Experts who attended the scene and others have ways of determining fault. Fault is the most important aspect of an accident so don't try to control that outcome.

It was only an accident – You have every right to feel sorry for the driver that hit you. Everyone knows that accidents can happen to the best of drivers, and it might have been you rather than them causing the accident. Save your sympathy for another situation. Not only should you not assume you owe the other driver an apology, but you should also make a point of not speaking to them at all. Once things are resolved and the case is over, reach out to them if you want to express anything to the other driver.

Thank goodness they are insured – While having insurance is a good thing, don't assume that is enough. It's often far from enough because insurers will only pay for certain forms of damage. To be paid for the rest, you will need the help of a personal injury lawyer to evaluate your damages and seek that compensation for you. You could be eligible to be paid several times what you thought by using an attorney.

You don't have time to deal with this – It's only understandable that things can be stressful and confusing after an accident, and you might easily assume that is just how things are. One of the best things about using a personal injury lawyer is the way they take this burden from you entirely. That leaves you room to rest, recuperate, and get your life back to normal.

All accident victims start out with assumptions about how things will go. Read more here or speak to a personal injury lawyer to find out how much better it could be without those assumptions.