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Key Issues Your Legal Advisor Will Check When Investigating Abuse In An Assisted Living Facility

Most assisted living facilities hire caregivers specializing in different professions, such as nutrition, medical support, and hands-on support. Also, the management allocates different duties to ensure seniors get the best care. However, some nursing home managers do not create a care plan to guide their working staff when attending to seniors. In addition, some caregivers do not offer the care they're expected to provide. These mistakes may lead to negligence that can make your relative suffer harm. As a result, you might consider hiring a personal injury attorney to investigate the issue and take legal action against the wrongdoers. They will evaluate the following issues to get the necessary information.

Whether the Management Created a Care Plan

Your legal advisor will start by evaluating the facility's working program. This will enable them to determine whether the management had created a care plan to guide the caretakers. This is essential because such a program enables employees to understand their responsibilities and provide necessary services. Ultimately, this minimizes the risk of harm that could affect the seniors' health, safety, and well-being.

However, a lack of a care plan leads to confusion on the duties caregivers should offer. This makes them fail to offer seniors the necessary care, leading to injury. When this happens, the facility's management should take the blame for the injuries the elderly loved one sustained. Thus, if your relative suffers harm, your lawyer will file a claim against the facility to enable your loved one to get justice.

Whether the Management Communicated the Plan

There may be no point in developing a care plan if the management doesn't tell the working staff how to implement it. Caregivers need to know their roles and duties in ensuring that seniors get the best care. Also, the management should make changes to their programs after assessing conditions. Further, they need to communicate the changes to the working staff.

Doing so will ensure the caretakers understand the services they need to offer. However, lack of proper guidance makes caregivers fail to offer essential services. This could make the seniors develop health problems. When this happens, your lawyer will evaluate the issue to determine the wrongdoers. They may file claims against the management or the caregivers.

Apart from the issues above, your personal injury law attorney will also want to know if the caregivers implemented the care plan as required. This will enable them to determine the parties to hold responsible for your relative's injuries. They will then gather information to support your claim and file cases against the negligent parties to ensure they face the law.