preparing yourself for an injury lawsuit

Don't Neglect These Accident Case Building Blocks

If you have been in a wreck and the other driver was at fault, you may deserve money in damages. To be paid what you should, a case needs to be constructed. Every personal injury case is made up of certain vital building blocks. All of the below must be assembled before you can be paid. Keep reading to find out more.

Your Discretion

You may want to talk about your accident to everyone, but you should use caution. Vehicle accidents can put victims in a precarious situation if they accidentally say something that could be misinterpreted. Speak about your accident only to law enforcement, medical personnel, your insurer, and your personal injury lawyer. Leave the other driver and their insurer out of the loop entirely.

Medical Care

To be paid for several forms of damage, you must demonstrate that you have physical injuries and that you saw a doctor. Medical care is proof of your injuries and may also be part of your pain and suffering damages, so it's vital. Don't delay seeking out treatment.


All legal cases need evidence. In a car accident case, several types of evidence are needed. If fault is not settled, you will need information gathered at the scene of the accident to show that you were not at fault. That might include photos of tire marks, eyewitness statements, video, and the accident report.

Additionally, evidence of each form of damage is needed. That means you should have documentation to prove your damages. That might include your medical records, pay statements, vehicle repair estimates, and more. You can help prove your pain and suffering by using a pain journal throughout your accident and healing period. Speak to your lawyer for more information about a journal.

The Statute of Limitations

Accidents are bound by the laws of the state where the accident occurred. Every state has a time limit on filing cases. The time begins when your accident occurs. If you wait too long, your case won't be valid no matter how much money you are owed. To avoid missing the deadline, put your case in the hands of a personal injury lawyer — they understand how to abide by the statutes so that your case will be given a chance to be heard.

To get more information about these important accident building blocks, speak to a personal injury lawyer in your area today.