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Liability For An Auto Accident Involving A Student Driver

All auto accident victims deserve compensation for damages, but the compensation can only come from the liable party. That means you must identify the right liable party to proceed with your claim. An auto accident can even have multiple liable parties in some cases. For example, the following parties might be liable for auto accidents a student driver might cause.

The Driving Instructor

The driving instructor is responsible for keeping their student and other road users safe. The instructor does this in several ways. For example, the instructor should watch the road alongside their student and intervene if necessary. The intervention can take several forms. For example, the instructor can warn the student or step on the extra brakes in an emergency.

A driving instructor who fails in their duty is responsible for the accident their failure causes. Consider a driving instructor who goes to work intoxicated and fails to react in time when the student crosses the centerline and causes an accident. As a victim of the accident, you can pursue damages against the driving instructor.

The Student Driver

Anyone who gets behind the wheel and goes on the road is responsible for keeping other road users safe. The responsibility applies to student drivers too. Thus, you deserve compensation from a student driver who fails in this responsibility and causes an accident. For example, a student driver might be responsible for an accident if:

  • They disregard traffic laws, such as traffic signs
  • They exceed the posted speed limits
  • They ignore their instructor's instructions
  • They drive while drunk

In all such and similar cases, the student driver should provide compensation for the damages their actions might cause.

The Driving School

Lastly, driving schools can also be responsible for the accidents their cars might cause. In such a case, you must prove that the driving school's action or inaction led to the accident. Consider a case where a driving school hires an instructor with a drunk-driving history. If the instructor comes to work drunk and causes an accident, you can hold them liable for the damages.

Another example is a driving school that issues faulty vehicles, such as vehicles with faulty brakes, to their instructors and students. Again, the school is at fault if a vehicle's fault causes an accident.

Hopefully, you will get the compensation you deserve for your auto accident damages. Contact a car accident lawyer to help you gather the needed evidence and pursue your compensation.