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2 Negligent Behaviors That Can Cause A Semi-Truck Accident

A semi-truck accident involving a passenger vehicle rarely ends favorably for those in the vehicle. Some victims survive but have catastrophic injuries that may affect them for the rest of their lives. Many of these accidents are caused by negligent truck drivers. They can be held accountable for their negligence criminally and civilly.

Sometimes the victims succumb to their injuries, and their families can seek compensation. The average driver may be leery of semi-trucks on the roadway due to their massive size when compared to vehicles. However, drivers may be unaware of the dangerous activities that could be occurring in the "big rigs". The following points offer insight into a negligent few behaviors that can result in truck accidents. 

Driver Fatigue

This can happen to anyone who has driven long distances with few breaks and little or no sleep. Truck drivers are bound by law to take rest breaks. This is one of the reasons they must keep meticulous logbooks. Individuals with driver fatigue may fall asleep while driving. Their coordination and concentration will be negatively impacted. Semi-truck operation requires a variety of motions to keep the truck stable, when concentration and coordination are negatively impacted a disastrous accident can occur. A truck accident lawyer can identify potential things that could infer fatigue such as logbook entries or eyewitness accounts of the truck driver's behavior such as swerving. 

Distracted Driving

Truck drivers may get distracted by a number of things that they have going on in their cabins. They may decide to use their cell phones or another communication device such as a walkie-talkie. They might also attempt to change their radio station or eat while driving. This can affect their ability to initiate their sophisticated air brakes which can cause a jackknife or undercarriage accident.

A jackknife accident occurs when the truck portion swings sideways while the trailer portion remains straight. It can cause an accident involving other vehicles including another semi-truck. An undercarriage accident can occur when a trucker has to break suddenly and a passenger vehicle driving behind them collides into them and ends up underneath the trailer. 

A  truck accident attorney is a good resource for victims or their families to use. Attorneys can perform analyses that can help them determine a fair valuation for a settlement offer. Victims should not expect to get a fair offer from insurance companies. Trucking companies and independent drivers may also attempt to blame all or partial fault on victims and their driving. Attorneys can speak on behalf of their clients and negotiate settlements. Some of these cases end up in court, but many do not due to negotiations. 

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