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Collect This Evidence Following An Auto Accident To Improve Your Case

The aftermath of an auto accident can be quite hectic and you might still be recovering from the shock of it all, not to mention possibly dealing with an injury. But while it's important to pull yourself together and seek medical treatment quickly, it's also important to collect evidence from the accident scene if you believe you want to protect your legal rights. Here are some tips to keep in mind for collecting evidence following a car accident.

Get Photos of All Vehicles

If you are able to in the immediate aftermath of the accident, get photos from multiple angles of any damage to your car or any other cars that were involved in the accident. Documenting this damage immediately could be important for an insurance claim or to make it clear what damage you or the other party were responsible for.

Get Additional Relevant Photos

Beyond photos of the vehicles involved, you will want additional photos of any relevant traffic signs or red lights. You may also want to take a photo of the direction you were traveling in or the direction the other vehicle came from. This could help demonstrate that someone ran a red light or disobeyed traffic signs when you are putting your case together.

Get a Police Report

You should always contact the police following any car accident that results in damage. Even if the damage is minor, you don't know what the other party might say to the insurance companies after the fact. A police report gives an official account of what happened and may include witness statements or the responding officer's own view of what happened after talking to you and the other party.

Get Witness Statements or Security Footage

If the cause of the accident is in dispute, it could be beneficial to get witness statements from people who were nearby or you might want to ask nearby businesses for security footage which may show the accident taking place. This may not be easy to do on your own but the responding police officer may be able to ask anyone nearby what they saw and then include it in the report.

Get an Auto Accident Attorney

Another way you could get additional evidence like security footage of the accident would be to hire an auto accident attorney. The right attorney can help you with all of the above steps and more and ensure you have the evidence to move forward with your case.